The Virginia HorseHorse Country

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HORSE COUNTRY is the page to manage photographs of Virginia horse country. The photograph can be stored anywhere on the internet (PhotoBucket, YouTube, your own web site, etc.) or uploaded directly from your computer and then linked here. If the photograph is to be stored on YouTube, please see the HELP function on the MANAGE PHOTOS page for complete instructions on uploading to YouTube. If the photograph is not stored on your computer, be sure to TEST the link before adding it.

Photo Name Enter the name of the photograph.
Photo Link Enter the link to the photograph. This must contain enough of the URL (address) to actually find the photograph. The easiest way to load the link is to find the photograph where it is stored, then copy the entire link and paste it in this box. Be sure to TEST the link before adding it.
LOOK UP Find the first photograph.
NEXT Find the next photograph.
PREVIOUS Find the previous photograph.
ADD Add the photograph.
SLIDE SHOW Shows the slide show of Virginia horse country.
MODIFY Modify the name of the photograph or the link to the photograph.
CLEAR Clear all input on the page.
DELETE Delete the photograph.
TEST Test that the link actually finds the photograph. This is CRITICAL!
UPLOAD Photographs from your computer can be uploaded (stored) directly to this website and then linked to the Virginia Horse Country page. To do this, click on the Photo field and locate the photograph on your computer. Once the photograph has been located, click this button to begin the upload process. After the upload is complete, click ADD to link the photograph to the Virginia Horse Country page.