The Virginia HorseFind A Horse




FIND A HORSE creates the report containing all the information about a particular horse.

Horse Name Enter the first few letters of the horse name. A box will appear from which you can select the particular horse. As you type more letters, entries in the box will disappear. When you find the particular horse for which you are searching, click on that entry.
Microchip No Enter the complete 15 digit Microchip Number. The FIND CHIP button must be clicked to find the horse and produce the report.
Original Name To find a current horse with a previous name (i.e., their name has been changed), check this box and start typing in the Horse Name field.
PRINT Print the report.
CLEAR Clear all input on the page.
FIND CHIP Find the horse by the Microchip number and produce the report.
RETURN Return to the page from where you just came.

If Affiliations or Videos exist they can be viewed by clicking on the blue underlined link. RETURN on the new web page will return you to this page.